Strato Blue metallic flake for custom paint and powder coat!

Strato Blue Adds Rich Blue Effects to Custom Paint

Strato Blue $13.99

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Our Strato Blue Flakes are great for Airbrush, HVLP Guns, and Powder Coatings. Even beginners rave about the ease of spraying our stuff, and can completely cover it with 3 coats of clear coat with no knockdown sanding! 004" Ultra fine "Micronic" cut polyester metal flake for paint and powder coat. All of our polyester metal flakes have been tested to work in all auto paints and powder coatings (baked at 400 F). The finer powdered flakes have incredible effect, while are less of a hassle to paint with, as they don't stick up out of the clear coat like the larger flakes of the 60's and 70's. As with our other pearl and glitter pigments, the price is right and quality is as good or better than any of the major manufacturers.


A strato  blue buggy with a black base coat. This was painted by a user of our products.See Comments in Userpages.


4 Oz Jar Strato Blue .004" Micro Flake
Qty: Price: $13.99
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