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Awesome trike painted with our Orange to Red Chameleon.

Custom auto paint chameleon on trike.

Hey guys,
This is the result of using your product.
Go ahead and post it on your web site if you think it would be good enough.
Application went easy, quick set up with only 2 coats before I did the clear coat.
Bob J. DeGroot
PS: I never used a spray gun before, so this is certainly a testament to the ease and quality of your product.



Customer's car painted with orange to red Chameleon.

4739OR Chameleon Paint --Texted to us by a customer who loves it.


Custom Auto Paint on Red Ford Pickup with gold ghost pearl.

Here are some pics of 1978 f-150, orange paint, orange copper, gold ghost pearl, clear. Looks fantastic, lot's of compliments, thanks for all your help. Not bad for 1st. paint job, next will be much better. --TB


I've been using your pearls for several years, I'm a total amateur at painting but I have a small handful of paint jobs under my belt, here's a pic of my latest one.

Black basecoat, electric blue pearl under two coats of clear.

Cheers, Scott




Limetreuse Metal Flake on Bass Guitar Paint=

Hey Matt. Dawn from Naked Body Guitars. Just wanted to send you a few shots of the completed Limetreuse Sparkle Bass project I finished for my client. I also wanted to inquire if you had a close up photo of the Peacock flakes as I am considering using that on a build for my "baby", my grandson Ryan.

It is hard for me to get a good feel for the shading based on the small thumbnail provided. I know it is a combo of blue, green & gold flakes. Can you tell me what shades of blue & green are combined with the gold to make this mixture? Any further info in regards to this color would be greatly appreciated!!!

My pics don't ever come out as good as the work!! :) I am terrible at knowing which ones depict the paint the best so if you want to use one or two on the site, I gave you a bunch to pick from!

Have a great day,




Custom Paint Job on Honda CRX

Here are some pictures of my son’s car, a 1989 Honda CRX I painted with a basecoat of red and two coats of shimmer gold pearl.The car looks great and gives it a creamsickle flip in color in the sunlight, ill be back for more of your products. Thanks for making this kids dream car a reality J. Aronson body n


white pearl in motorcycle paint.

I used a white base coat followed by 3 coats of your white shimmer pearl, then two clear coats, and then 3 coats of your Blue Hue pearl, then 2 clear coats. Bike came out Awesome. Pictures do not do it justice. Will be buying your pearls from now on.
Thank You


Well its finally done… just in time for my ride from Texas to Calif and back, via the way of Route 66.
The attached photos are my first paint job – this is a 1994 HD FLSTN that is set up as a FatBoy.
The materials I used where the following:

Black Gunmetal
Pewter Titanium

Gold shimmer
Silver crystal

Midnight Navy Blue
Apple Red

All painted on a black base.

Really get a lot of compliments on the job… Already have several bike jobs and two car jobs set to do since they’ve seen my bike…
THX for having a great product that is easy to work with!

Gary Matocha
Spring, TX


all of the airbrush work has red wine candy pigment, electric blue candy and platinum pearl mixed w/ dupont paints.

silver platinum ghost pearl mixed in clearcoat w/ no knockdown!

thank you so much for providing great products @ great prices and fast delivery.





I ordered your holographic green flake last year for my last motorcycle and loved the results! So I'm back for more....


Hey, this is my 2003 Cadillac Seville SLS....thanks to you I think it looks awesome. We used a mixture of your blue pearls, along with your gunmetal pearl, and a hint of your midnight blue flake. It gives that black to blue, to royal blue to black, purple, to what color is that ;-)...black base with gunmetal pearl, blue pearls and flakes in midcoats, and a lot clear. I hope you like and Thank You.....Carlos L. Memphis, TN Xclusive Customs 38116


i am sending you pictures of my 2006 Chrysler 300c. it was painted using ford competition orange with your gold pearl and Chrysler cool vanilla white, with white pearl laid on top of it. This car has won many car shows, and was even featured in a rap video, no doubt with the help of your products. my painter was extremely pleased with working with your products, saying it was the easiest pearl he has ever worked with as well as was most consistent lay down. your products are very highly recommended by me.


Hi, I used a few of your pink additives in my custom paint on my custom 1971 Monte Carlo... We got the paint done on it in early Feb 2009...  Since then, My Monte has been featured in a mini-poster and will be featured in a custom auto mag in the next few weeks. (the photo shoot is in 2 weeks for it, Fathers day weekend). Just thought I would share, since everyone loves the Pinks we did on my Monte, depending on the light, it looks like 2 shades of pink (like it is) or just one shade.  So it is relay great for people to see. I have attached the pic they used for the mini-poster.. (they had 2 models with my car) But to see all the paint prep, paint etc... (the build up from start till now) please see my on line scrap book at www.Alize.2ya.com If you need more info or would like to use any of my pictures, let me know. Thanks much!


Here is my completed trike using your pearl, flakes and gost pearl. I used all yellow tints over black primer.




Images Provided By Kurt Bleyweert, Medallions and Furnishings made with Our Candy Pigments.




Matt, I just wanted to thank you for your great product. I bought 3 bags of the blue ghost pearl and painted my wifes 2002 Suburban with a white base the 2 coats of the pearl and then 3 coats of clear. The vehicle turned out awesome. I will am attaching some pictures although you can not see the pearl very clear in them. When you get the vehicle in the sun you cannot even stand to look at it. Oh and by the way the vehicle was black very; very drastic difference. I have secured 3 new paint jobs all wanting pearl to be used so I assure you you have earned a new but loyal customer. I was a little worried at first but once I used your product I will never use another. The price and ease of use was exactly what I needed to boost business. Thanks again and I will be placing another order soon. Thank Robert and Kandi Kandi Koated Custom Painting Coker, Alabama


A few photos of a jet-powered boat I built last winter.  I sprayed the engine and hull to great effect by using some of your products.  I have three other projects on the go and will be painting them if/when summer arrives.  If you have any decals I could add them to the decoration. Cheers, George. PS. I loved the products - easy to use & economical.  I'm going to play with pearl next ..........


I have just ordered another $140 worth of pearls, and would like to thank "paint with pearl" for the good product. I have painted a number of projects with the paint and everything has turned out great.
Attached are pictures of a Lexus SC 300 I painted with the blue/ purple chameleon. I sprayed over black as recommended, and I wanted the purple to be very subtle, so I used half the recommended dosage to achieve that primarily blue pearl color. The color shift is amazing and plays trippy tricks with peoples eyes when it's black at night and fades from bright blue in direct sunlight to light purple in shade.
It took about 4 coats of clear coat to achieve that with the first three mixed with pearl and the last one clear just for UV protection.
Feel free to post on the website.


"Pink Devil" by GBS Customs.


Check out this wooden drum topped off with Gold Candy Pearl! You can see the wood grain right through.


Not just for Automotive paint, as you can plainly see!

I am sending some pics of what I have been doing with your product. I do agree that the ease of use and lower material count is just awesome. I will send pics time to time of future projects. Keep up the good product.--Jeff


Click for more pics...Check out the Gold Orange Copper flake reflecting on the tank!

I am enclosing pictures of my 1997 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. I ordered a 4-oz. can of your Orange Copper metal flake and told a local painter to "knock 'em dead". The bike was originally Vivid Black with pinstripes (just another bike in the parking lot). After a basecoat of Corvette Orange followed by 3 coats of Candy Orange clear with gobs of metalflake, I now have a headturner that stands out in the parking lot. The painter noted how easy your product was to apply with little to no color sanding required after.

Thanks, Michael Mills Certified Technician/Parts Associate- Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson in Rocky Mount, NC


Hi Matt: This is the 57 before it was put back together. Your pearls and flakes really made a difference. I used six different pearls and orange copper flake. The photos don't really do it justice. Seeing it up close is fantastic. Let me know if you can help with the orange pearl and orange flake. Talk to you soon. Tom.


Hi this is a picture of my 1992 honda civic hatchback. its a blue ghost pearl on top of red. i have been telling everyone i know about this site. you have a buyer for life just keep making great pearls!!!!!!


Hello Matt, I purchased some pearls from you on E-bay last year around this time, I have attached some pics of my 1971 Kona jet boat, with a 455 oldsmobile motor. There is alot going on in, under, and on top of each color the basf coat for the candies is chroma-base and the green has blue pearl highlights and the gold shift, the white (front of boat) has platnum/blue pearl, and the white sourrounding the green is the platinum pearl (my favorite). I still have to get it pinstriped, then the final clear coats will top it off. Thanks for providing the materials that made a nice paint job, "A BITCHEN ONE!!!!!" Sincerely, John


Here is a couple of pics from my vw buggy using your
Strato blue flakes. It is shot over a black base coat
with 3 coats of clear mixed with strato blue and just
one coat of plain clear over the rest. Thanks for a
great product. Jay


hi there have just placed another order and have enclosed a picture  of car ive finished using your pink candy paint and pink metal flake . Not a professional painter, done this at home but your products were so easy to use. john


Regal Red flake over black base

Hi Matt and Lyndi,

This is my son's girlfriend's Explorer that he painted with your Regal Red metal Flake this past weekend. It turned out great, while it was out in the yard drying many friends stopped by to admire it. I must say it is a real eye catcher, to say the least. It was sprayed over a black base coat. We have several more projects lined up to use your pearl paint and metal flakes on.

Please give the credit for this paint job to my son, (Shad) he is the one who actually painted this one. Now for the details. He has three coats of flake on the explorer, (2) heaping tablespoons of flake per quart of clear, reduced to about 50%, shot through a Devilbiss gun, at 45 PSI We still have enough flake left from the (one) jar to mix up one more quart of paint. The coverage is very good with just the right amount of black showing through. Neither one of us has sprayed flake before, but after this job, you can bet that we will be using it more often. It's easy to use and the results are incredible. Once again, feel free to use the picture, we are happy that you thought that it was good enough to use on your site. I know we are well pleased with the results.


I am adding your website to my website links if that is ok check out my site www.dmrdrums.com This drum has a lightly mixed rose red candy paint on it with a darker fade. rose red. What is very hard to see is the clear is loaded with your rose red metal flake. In the lights this thing is awesome. You have a great product. I will continue to use your products at DMR DRUMS.                                                                                          More pictures to follow.                                                                         Sincerley, Daniel M. Roettele                                                                         President, DMR DRUM company


Hello Matt, I just thought that you would like to see how well your product came out on my model build.  I used Apple Green candy paint pearll on a black base and Silver Crystal on white.  I have included a link to your web site on my site.  If you would like to see more items on this site just visit http://lexsscalemodeling.bravehost.com . Thanks again for such a wondeful product.  I will be buying from you soon.

Alex G. Evans


I used your chameleon paint green to gold to blue flake on my 1951 8N tracktor. This is my first time using any powder. I did not know what to expect but I am very pleased with the results after only two coats. I will add one more coat for sure now. Very cool product. I am thinking of putting some other color on my 76 vette, galaxies, pick up truck, ranchero and Cougar. I had lots of fun working with this stuff.


Ritchie Clemmey




Thanks for all of your help placing my order. Here is the pix Tangerine base coat with your gold pearl paint. Hope you like :-)  And a black Fat Boy set I used some of your product on.


Thanks Paula



I must say i am very pleased with the results i got from using your micro metal flake, here are some pics of my 91 caprice (fire regal red) i used a black base and three coats of clear following the maximum recommended 2 tsp per qrt., then i topped it with a generous final clear. I will be sending some pics of my 78 cutlass (emerald green) when its done.                                            thanks alot,   A.G.


Just wanted to show you what we did with the candy paint and pearl paint i bought from you. Than you very much.


Hi! I have been trying to send you pics of a Goldwing GL1500 I painted with
the purple metal flake and the electric blue candy paint pearl. When I try to send
through the link it gives me an illegal operation so here are the pics.

I sprayed the bike first with black metallic with the purple flakes. I then
clear coated with the electric blue candy pearl. I have had so many
compliments on the bike. Thank you for the wonderful products. I look
forward to doing bussiness with you again soon. Hope you an use them on your
website. If you would like additional pics just let me know. I have pics
from start to finish. Thanks again
Greg Smith


Recently we bought some of your Micro Holographic Flake to use in
matching a customers bike to a helmet he recently purchased. He was
looking for a dusting of flake, not full coverage. We used about 3
leveled tablespoons per quart of pre-reduced clear. I have attached some
pictures of the final product as well as the helmet we matched. We were
thrilled by how easy this flake was to use. It mixed well with DuPont
ChromaClear, knocked down well after wet sanding and covered perfectly
with the final coats of plain clear. We will be back to buy more
products from you as our business grows. Please feel free to use these
pictures on your website if you would like, we are very proud of our
work and very satisfied with your product.

Don Long
Bel Air Motorcycle



Hi Here is a foto on my Nova 64 It`s painted whith your Fire red metal flake over black base. Thomas Eriksson SWEDEN...


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