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This Gold Hologram Flake reflects a Rainbow of Colors

Gold Holographic Micron Flake


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4 Fluid Oz Bottle of Gold Holographic color-changing .004" (that's four-thousandths of an inch) tiny metallic flake for paint and powder-coating applications. Flakes are truly classic in a custom paint job. The problem is, with larger flakes you need to do a lot of surface prep after spraying them. With our tiny flakes, you can still get a metal flake spray job and great sparkle without all of the flake sanding and prep work before applying your final clear coats. Small enough to spray through an airbrush and HVLP fine nozzle, with the benefits of the old school flakes sprayed by the legends of custom paint and powder coating. Powder coaters, this flake is resistant to tempertures up to 466 degrees fahrenheit, so it won't break down in your ovens.

Left: A motorcycle part powder-coated with flake added directly to black powder in a 1/40 ratio. Effects change as more flake is added. Experiment!

4 Oz Jar Gold Holographic .004 Micro FLake
Qty: Price: $19.99

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