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Candies are pearls that are pigmented. They have some pearl effects between sunlight and darkness, but they will retain their pigmentation even in darkness or shade. Pearls are quite a bit different, because they have no pigmentation, they just reflect colors based on the thickness of the particle.

Gold kandy over white base used as background for image.Bronze kandy over black base to create "guinness" effectBronze pearl over tan brown latex paintBlue pearl over blue/grey latex base

From left to right: 1.) Door of my Guinness Fridge, which I painted with a white base, followed by a light dusting of my Gold candy pearl to create a beige "parchment" look. 2.) Bottom of the Guinness Fridge, which I painted with a black base coat, followed by bronze pearl to create a true Guinness look. 3.) Staircase in business painted in faux finish by using Bronze pearl in Water-based polyurethane brushed over a tan/brown paint. 4.) My bathroom, which was done in blue/gray base coat latex, followed by my dark blue candy in water-based polyurethane.

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