Purple Metal Flake for Custom Paint, Fiberglass, and Powder Coatings

Purple Metallic $13.99

Our Purple Flakes are great for Airbrush, HVLP Guns, and Powder Coatings. Even beginners rave about the ease of spraying our stuff, and can completely cover it with 3 coats of clear coat with no knockdown sanding! This is a .004" super-tiny purple flake in a 4fl. oz. jar. It will treat about 4 full quarts of clear coat (depending on the effect you seek, you may require more). This flake is a great size for spraying in your HVLP gun's finest nozzle or even your airbrush. This can even give you a full coverage effect on your project, completely blocking out your base color if that is the effect that you desire. Ideally, these darker colors are best for spraying over a dark or black base, but some of you brave painters out there may get a bit experimental...

4 Oz Jar Deep Purple .004 Micro Flake
Qty: Price: $13.99

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