Jet Black Flake Gives Depth and Sparkle to Black Custom Paint

Jet Black Flake $13.99

Jet Black poly flake in .004" size.

Our Flakes are great for Airbrush, HVLP Guns, and Powder Coatings. Even beginners rave about the ease of spraying our stuff, and can completely cover it with 3 coats of clear coat with no knockdown sanding! This is a .004" super-tiny jet black flake in a 4fl. oz. bottle. It will treat about 4 full quarts of clear coat (depending on the effect you seek, you may require more). This flake is a great size for spraying in your HVLP gun's finest nozzle or even your airbrush. This can even give you a full coverage effect on your project, completely blocking out your base color if that is the effect that you desire. Ideally, these darker flakes are best for spraying over a dark or black base, but some of you brave painters out there may get a bit funky with your paint and surprise every one...



4 Oz Jar Jet Black .004 Micro Flake
Qty: Price: $13.99

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