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Blue Thermochromic Temperature Change Paint Pigment $47.99 $39.99 on SALE


This 25 gram Blue to Clear Thermochromic temperature change paint powder is a great pigment for Custom Paint! You can now create dazzling effects that change color when the temperature of the item changes. This product is being used in everything from toys to choppers to home interiors. Many are experimenting with it to create the ultimate home efficient roofing, because it could literally change from black to white when the temperture was hot. Mix into any clear basecoat (like a binder or color blender), and spray over your desired graphics or basecoat color.(see our article, How To Mix Custom Paint). As mentioned in our article about temperature change paint, this product requires a great deal of UV protection in order to create a lasting effect in outdoor environments. We recommend Alsa corporation's sunscreen clear or another highly UV protective clear for outdoor or exterior use. Because this paint is dependent on UV protection, we offer no warrantee on it's longevity, since that depends on how you topcoat it. Tip: using this paint underneath pearls or candies will help increase it's tolerance to UV rays as well, as pearls are made with titanium oxide, a principle ingredient in sunscreen protectants.

Applying a warm wrench to the thermochromic pigment causing a color change right in the bag.

The pigment that has been heated above 86 degrees is now colorless, as its thermochromic properties work the same in custom paint.

When mixed with paint, the pigment will be colorless in areas that surpass 30 Degrees C or 86 degrees F.

Consider this: a quart of this paint would normally cost about 400.00 US. Now you can make your own for under 100.00 US dollars.

Consider mixing this paint with any of our pearls, candies, metal flakes, or chameleons to create even more color-changing possibilities! Our pearl paints, chameleon paints, or candy paints can even be applied over this paint for a more subtle and longer lasting color change effect!

Need more convincing? View the YouTube videos.

25 Gram Bag Blue to Clear (changes at 86 Degrees F)
Qty: Price: $47.99 $39.99


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