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Ghost Pearl paint comes out in the sun for true pearlescent effects!

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Short Video on How Simple it is to Make your Own Custom Paint

We are very proud of our line of products, and we decided to give more of an in-depth decription of how to mix them into your paints, as many people have expressed a little bit of fear when it comes to dealing with powders in paint. It is truly noting to be afraid of, as every paint company out there does the same thing so that they can charge you more than double the price for cutom paint! With our products, you can still use your favorite brands of paint (by buying their binder, blender, or inter-coat clear). You simply need to mix our pearls, candies, metal flakes, or temperture-changing pigments into their products.

The following YouTube video demonstrates exactly how easy mixing your own custom paint really is. Keep in mind: the ratios of powder will vary depending on which one of our products you are using, and how much you want to use. For Candy and Chameleon, use 1 bag per mixed quart.

The video has no sound yet, but is clear. Determine your manufacturer's mixing ratio. For All Kandy Base Clear or other base clears, it is mostly 50/50 with reducer. Add reducer, add our product, and mix. Finally add the All Kandy Base Clear or other binder / blender, and mix thoroughly. Note: When mixing Ghost Pearl, use only 1 heaping tea-spoon per mixed quart, and for metal flake, use 1 Tablespoon per mixed quart.


Using Pigments, you can make projects that are part paint, part powder coat, part fiberglass-and have everything match.

Mix what you need and save the rest for future repairs. No limited shelf life for most of our pearls! With pigments, you can have a powder-coat that matches a paint or a fiberglass. And mixing does not require a science background. For tips on spraying the various paints we sell, read our articles on how to custom paint.


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