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Aztec Gold Pearl CandyRoyal Gold Candy PearlShimmer Gold Candy PearlGold Candy Pearl

Sky BLue Candy PearlElectric Blue Candy PearlCold Blue Steel Candy PearlViolet Candy PearlPurple Candy PearlBlack Candy Pearl

Forest Green Candy PearlApple Green Candy PearlYellow Metallic Candy PearlPink Candy PearlHot Pink "Tangerine" Candy Pearl

Rose Red Mauve Candy PearlShimmer Wine Red Candy PearlWine Red "Crystal" Candy PearlShimmer Red Pink Candy PearlShimmer Orange Copper Candy PearlOrange Copper Candy PearlBrown Green flip pearl

NEW Chameleon Colors are HERE!


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