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Gold Shimmer Pearl

thumbnail of 25 gram bag blue pearl powder for custom paint and powder coat.
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This 25 gram bag of Gold Shimmer Pearl powder is a great special effects pigment for adding to clear in paint or powder-coating applications. It is guaranteed to mix well with any clear paints or tinted candy paints, and has a temperature threshold of about 1600 degrees fahrenheit. It is a very fine powder and will spray well through airbrushes, powder guns, and HVLP paint guns. It is very light, so it stays well mixed in paint without settling too fast in your gun, and can make great tinted clears for light to heavy effects (it's your choice). One 25 gram bag treats from 2 to 6 quarts of clear. Gold Shimmer pearl has more sparkle than normal pearl, so it really stands out in the bright light!

25 Gram Bag Gold Shimmer Ghost Pearl
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