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Ghost Pearl paint comes out in the sun for true pearlescent effects!Click to Buy Pearls

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Plasti Dip's Best Kept Secret:

It might surprise most people to know that we are the biggest supplier of COLOR for the largest plasti dip companies in the US and some other countries. The only way to get a true metallic pearl custom plasti dip finish, or a true chameleon or temperature change car dip, or even a good pearl ICE color is RIGHT HERE! Plasti Dip is getting more popular because it is like a bra for your entire car that can be removed easily, leaving your original paint un-touched by wear and tear. You can Peel it off when you are done! Some people even use it on leased cars! Check out our plasti dip colors HERE. Our metal flakes are also very popular with the plasti dip manufacturers.

We also welcome our new resellers as far as Singapore and Russia.

All of our pigments can be used in plasti dip or rubber dip. Visit us before you buy other plasti dip colors!

Plasti-Dip Ratios:

We normally tell people to use 2 bags per sprayable gallon if they are doing about 8 coats or 4 bags per sprayable gallon for about 4 coats. Some plasti-dip professionals like to do extra coats so that peeling the paint off later will be much easier. On the left you will see a video detailing an entire plasti-dip job with great tips on saving money on your next car dip!

If you are using our Glow-in-the-Dark or our safety reflective pigment, use 1 bag per sprayable PINT.

Here is a cool video of some Plasti Dip Jobs which were done using our pigments!

BMW dipped in our Gunmetal Black candy Pearl


Thanks! Here is a picture of a car we Dipped with our new product! We are from AutoFX PTE LTD, we used your Black Gunmetal Candy and made Frozen Gunmetal! Customer is extremely happy!



Here is a how-to video by a customer using only 2 bags of Chameleon in his plasti dip!

Then he did another one with 3 bags. 4 recommended for full size cars.

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Buy custom paint, plasti dip, fiberglass, and powder coating pigment colors online, including pearl, candy, metal flake, chameleon, glow in the dark, and thermochromic paint additives.